With funding from Waynesboro Area Senior High School National Honor Society students, beautiful picnic tables were installed on our nature center property.
The tables are made with recycled plastic and designed to meet ADA guidelines and wheelchair use.

Hard-working volunteers, Matt Oyer and Bill Hofmann, assembled the tables and placed them near the stream side along the Red Run.

In addition to accommodating future visitors, the tables are already being used for stream-side projects like student watershed science studies.

Matt Oyer & Bill Hofmann assemble the first picnic table
Bill Hofmann & Matt Oyer secure the table top.
The stream-side location makes the tables perfect for many uses.
Waynesboro Area High School’s National Honor Society (NHS) officers presented a donation to fund new picnic tables at The Institute’s nature center property. Left to right: Zelie Musolino, vice president; Brooke Bonner, treasurer; Dave Graff, Institute educator and Watershed Science Coordinator; Joey Jacobs, president; Tracy Holliday, Institute executive director; Emma Swanson, secretary; Cassidy Flynn, historian.
Using one of our new picnic tables, Institute faculty member, Jan Barrasso teaches at the edge of the wetlands during the Waynesboro Area Middle School's grade 6 visit for the Wetlands program in spring 2023. Wetlands education programs are offered to sixth grade students in area schools, and specially-created watershed science study programs are offered for high school students.
WASHS AP Environmental Science students, with Institute faculty member, Dave Graff, used the new tables during a spring program session at the nature center.