The following is a press release sent to regional media about The Institute’s decision to leave the Renfrew property, effective October 18.

While the announcement of our new location is pending, we do want to keep our members and friends apprised of what’s happening. We are all excited at this new opportunity to expand our service to our beloved community!

OCTOBER 12, 2020

WAYNESBORO—The Institute at Renfrew has announced that they will be departing from the Renfrew campus this week, and operating from a new location.

“A confluence of significant events throughout 2020 has led to this new opportunity for The Institute,” said Tracy Holliday, executive director of The Institute. “Final arrangements for our new location are pending.”

The Institute was created by the Renfrew Museum and Park board of directors in 1990, and its mission is “to guide the people of the Cumberland Valley Region to become stewards of their natural and cultural worlds.”

“Thanks to the contributions of many who believed in and supported its mission over three decades, the organization has thrived, grown and matured,” Holliday said. “‘Moving away from home’ is a natural next step to continue to grow.”

“Although we will be operating from a new location, we have invited conversations with Borough officials and RCI (Renfrew’s governing board) regarding possible future Institute programming in an affiliate relationship on the Renfrew campus,” Holliday said.

The Institute will continue to serve the community from multiple locations throughout the Cumberland Valley region, and hopes to offer future programs at Happel’s Meadow, Antietam Meadow Park, Michaux Forest, Monterey Pass and other satellite locations throughout the region.

“We will embrace this opportunity to expand the ways in which we serve our community with a broader outreach,” said James Fleagle, Institute board president. “All kinds of possibilities exist—with new resources, new joy and new inspiration!”

The Institute offers a large roster of programs and events for all ages, and Holliday expects to increase programming options going forward. Education is the cornerstone of The Institute’s mission, and it records about 9,000 annual student visits during a typical year. In addition, thousands of visitors attend The Institute’s community programs and festivals.

“We continue to value and honor our partnership with Waynesboro Area School District (WASD) and look forward to serving district students with programs that educate, inspire and delight,” Holliday said.

Keep in touch with The Institute via their website at, by email at [email protected], and on Facebook and Instagram.